Hello, I am Andrew Mostert

Air Traffic control is my first love. I've been involved in the industry since 1993, working my way from student technician to tower controller, to approach radar controller in 2000 and finally instructor up until the present.

I also have a love for new technology and am enthusiastically involved in the PBN (Performance Based Navigation) implimentation team throughout South Africa as well as the training of both ATC and cockpit crews.

Next on my list is web design/developing. I've started dabbling in it for a few years or so now and this site is one of my own. One has to keep learning to keep the mind fresh to stay ahead in such a rapidly advancing world!


To work behind a radar screen and learn as much as possible for as long as possible.

After that, procedure design is my next love. I'm an efficiency freak and love the idea of making small changes that lead to big savings when multiplied by large numbers of aircraft using it.

My Strengths

Responsive Web Design

Air Traffic Control

Approach Radar controller at OR Tambo Airport since 2000 and still loving every minute of it. The more planes the better, I still reckon I haven't peaked yet. The adrenline rush of a busy day is addictive to say the least and the comradeship with those who share them with you is irreplaceable.

User experience design

PBN Procedure Design

It's the future for both Air Traffic Control and aircraft to operate smoothly together. A new and rapidly evolving technology that needs constant attention to stay at the forefront and reap the benfits. It also promises to keep me busy for long after I've transmitted my last over a frequency.


Web Development

Just a hobby for me at the moment, but with practice, it could become one of my focal points. I love the amount of help one can get online and the ease with which most of the languages seem to be written. This is a skill that everyone in the future is going to need.



Another hobby I've dabbled with for many years. I've been lucky enough to perform with some incredible musicians in front of some awesome crowds over the years. The big bands are a thing of the past, but a guitar is never far from me and a tune is always in the throat, just waiting to come out should the opportunity present.


Years of Experience
My Estimated Skill Percent
My Satisfaction Percent
Tower ATC
Approach ATC
Web Developer


Jun 1993

Jun 1995

Department of Transport

Student Technician

Completed the practical training for my Diploma (Electrical Engineering: Light Current) in 1995 while working at OR Tambo International Airport (then called Jan Smuts International)

Jul 1995

Oct 1997


Air Traffic Service Assistant

Ab-inito college training as well as practical training as an Air Traffic Service Assistant.

May 1995

Nov 2009


ATC/Tower Controller

Completed the ATA (Aviation Training Acedemy) Aerodrome Rating and then validated as a Rand Airport Tower controller in 1998 and at Johannesburg International Airport in 1999.

Apr 2000



ATC/Approach Radar Controller

Completed the ATA (Aviation Training Acedemy) Approach Rating and then the practical validation to be certified as both a procedural and radar approach controller at OR Tambo International Airport.

Apr 2000




Completed the ATA (Aviation Training Acedemy) OJTI Course and then the practical validation to be certified as an instructor in the approach radar discipline.




Pension Fund

Employee elected trustee for the ATNS Pension Fund with a value of about R1 Billion for about 1000 members. Currently the alternate employee elected trustee from 2015.

Sep 2015



Completed the International Civil Aviation Organisation/Joint Aviation Authorities Training Organisation Trainair Plus Training Instructor Course.

Nov 2015


Simulator Operator

Completed the Jeppesen - TAAM (Total Airspace and Airport Modeller) operator course.

Apr 2016

Instructor Rating

Grade 1

Achieved Grade 1 status as an operational OJTI.


Norkem Park High School


Completed the South African secondary school education (matric) certificate.

University of the Witwatersrand

Actuarial Science

Attended WITS university studying Actuarial Science.

Technikon Witwatersrand

Electrical Engineering

Completed a National Higher Diploma specialising in Electrical Engineering, light current.



My favourite hobby

That has got to be the internet. All things internet. The web design has kept me busy for over a year now with learning the multitude of languages that make up the web nowadays. There are some incredibly smart people out there that are inventing some incredibly smart ways of handling information. The internet also seems to be unnecessarily inaccessible and has the image of being for smart people only. This is not true, with a little patience and a good tutor (like the folks at udemy.com) the shroud of mystery that is the internet can slowly be withdrawn to whatever level one feels comfortable with.

Next best hobby

That has to be music for me. Whether it be playing it, singing it or just listening to it, it's a wonderful escape into another world where few have gone but the footprints of giants are everywhere. Old school rock is my weapon of choice but any well written and well performed music is welcome in my ears.

My new hobby

I've just begun to delve into the dark world that is iOS app development. Object Oriented and all the other terms are sure testing my mind but I'm loving every successful step I take. I've also taken to perhaps writing some thoughts down in my blog, the link is HERE for those who would like to have a look.

Let's not forget

There are so many things that make one who they are that there is scant enough space to fit it. The love of a great wife, Bronwyn, who runs BLM Photography. Great kids, Colby and Deegan to keep one young and help keep perspective on the world.

Riding a motorcycle with great mates through your beautiful country, Hell Razors MCC mean the world to me.

My biggest website project was for Gillingham Welding Systems in Sept '16, gws.co.za.